The group started in the early 1990s as an offshoot of the Bedworth Orchestra to enable a small number of good players to have a quality playing experience in a different style from the orchestra’s repertoire. Pieces practised were then performed in the orchestral concerts to an unsuspecting public. Using skills acquired at the Winchester and Oxford Baroque weeks along with visiting expert tutors, the group gradually became North Warwickshire Baroque and attracted players from further afield. Regular concerts were started around the Nuneaton area and a pattern of monthly rehearsals was established. A change of address in 2000 for director Eddie Jones to the centre of Warwickshire meant that contact was now possible with players from south of the county as well. The decision was taken to move the rehearsal base to the Wolston/Ryton area, and drop the “North” from the group name to reflect the member base more accurately.